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Robbie is a small hero with a big imagination. When a heat wave brings his grandmother's health in danger Robbie decides to take action: we have to fill in the ozone hole!


Duration: 24 minutes
Genre: family adventure

Cast: Fons Dumont, Bert Haelvoet, Barbara Callewaert, Frank Dingenen

'Robbie Rocket' was created as a master degree film.

Written, directed and produced by Wim Geudens

DoP: Bjorn Charpentier

Costume Design: Sofie Callaerts

VFX & grading: Michiel Bollen

ISFF Leuven (2012), In The Palace SFF (2013), Film Festival Ostend (2013), Brussels ISFF (2013) , FIFF Namur (2013), Bangkok ISFF (2013)

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